Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thrissur Pooram

Today Thrissur will never sleep, It is pooram(festival) the pooram of poorams “ Thrissur Pooram”the most colourful, spectacular fabulous festival in the world one must see according to the world tourism council. This is a gala event starts at 7 am on the pooram nakshathram(star) day in “Medam”Malayalam month(April-May}by the arrival of “Kanimagalam Sastha”, the only male God participating in the Pooram at the Vadakkumnathan temple around which the city of Thrissur is situated.Followed by other small poorams

The main participants are the Thiruvambady and the Paremakkavu temples.These two sides have a healthy competition among themselves for the Elephants, Melam, Fireworks, Ornamental umbrellas and other accessories for the capranised elephants, decorative pandals etc. One will not understand the spirit of this competition unless you are in Thissur for the pooram from the day before and through the pooram and the fireworks at the next day morning 3am and the farewell ceremony at 12noon.

The day before the pooram the exhibition of various Pooram paraphernalia which exhibits the ornate elephant gear commonly known as 'Aana Chamayam' and the parasols with myriad designs and colours are held by Thiruvambady at CMS school compound, and Paremekkavu at their temple auditorium. One will get a close look at the accessories which is very difficult to appreciate on the pooram day due to the heavy crowd. It’s a real delight to the eyes which should not be missed. You will get the opportunity to see the elephants of the respective sides, best in the state according to the “Elephant sashthra”. The evening can be exclusively dedicated for seeing the lighting of the three temples Vadakkumnathan, Thiruvambady and Paremmakkavu and their decorative Pandals in the Swaraj round encircling the Vadakkumnathan temple along with the city buildings all lit up for the big carnival.


Pooram day start by the arrival of “Kanimagalam Sastha” at the Vadakkumnathan temple around which the city of Thrissur is situated.Followed by other small poorams.At 11.30 the first sound of Thimila from Annamanada Parameswaran Marar who heads the “Panchavadyam” for the “madathil varavu” by the Thiruvambady faction.will take all pooram lovers to the dizzy heights of Panchavadyam. At12.30 pm Paremekkavu faction begins their procession with 15 caparisoned elephants with display of their decorative umbrellas which enters the Vadakkumnathan temple and at 2.30pm the all famous “Elanjithara Melam” The biggest orchestra comprising 300 artist under Peruvanam Kuttan Marar brings the chunk of the crowd to the vibrant tala of pandi melam for 2 hours.

5.30pm the much awaited “Kudamattom’ yet another colourful aspect of Thrissur Pooram which involves a show of decorative and designed umbrellas, dazzling in colour, themes and dynamic in looks. Both sides come face to face at the southern gate of Vadakkumnathan temple. Paremmakkavu side comes out first “thekkotirakkam” comes down and paying tribute to the statue of the Cochin King in front of the corporation office, line facing the temple. Thiruvambady side lines in front of the temple gate, for both the Paramekkavu and Thiruvamabadi wings, umbrellas form an integral part of displaying their might. The parasols used in the `Kudamattom' Changing of decorative umbrellas)are exchanged by the people in rapid succession atop the caparisoned elephants. Every year new special and theme based models of parasols are introduced by both Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi wings.

Bizarre streams of fireworks display, however, is said to be the hallmark of Thrissur Pooram. Both Thiruvambadi and Paramekkavu wings always put up an exemplary show thereby captivating several thousands of people who get congregated at the venue to witness the biggest show of its kind in the country. The fireworks display captivates the onlookers for several hours at a stretch. The show commences in the early hours of the morning and the celebrations last till the break of dawn, the next day. Both the Thiruvambadi and Paramekkavu Devaswams present several innovative patterns and varieties of fire works every year.

A repetition of the procession and kudamattom is enacted on the next day and both sides bids farewell at the Vadakkumnathan temple to meet next year and the 36hrs carnival comes to an end.
The most striking feature of the Thrissur Pooram is its very secular nature. Both the Muslim and Christian communities actively participate in the festival and they also play a very dominant role in the very conduct of the festival. To be attended by several lakhs of people from across the country and elsewhere, this year too the festival is impregnated with all the elements of a great festival.


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